How to pick your dream wedding cake!

November 9, 2017


As important as planning the BIG wedding day is, picking a perfect cake is another step that must not go unnoticed. In order to pick the perfect cake for the perfect day there must be a few key components to check off of your list first..

1. Do Your Research.
Picture what you want the cake to look like. Going into a situation with certain ideas for what you want your perfect cake to look like gives you a head start! I’m not saying know exactly what you want, but giving the advantage of at least having an ideal image can make yours and your cake designer’s lives a whole lot easier. While doing your research, SAVE PICTURES! Lots and lots of pictures. This will help develop your final idea and steers your designer into your playing field of the many, many different thoughts that come with planning a wedding. 

2. Your Helpful Consultant.
After feeling confidence in research you have found, schedule a consultation. A good consultation will also provide you with other options or ways to make sure all your needs are being met. Make sure to ask for recommendations, there are various ways to achieve different styles and that look you are in desirable need for!

3. The Devilish Budget.

In order for any designer to know what they’re working with a budget must be kept in mind. This gives an ideal as to how big you can afford the cake to be. Also, don’t be discouraged to ask for the BIG cake to be modified to suit your budget. There aren’t any “No’s” in building the perfect cake for the busy bride!

4. Triple T (The Taste Test).

No matter how creative you get with your cake, this should be what is important! You can’t have a pretty cake that doesn’t taste good for you or your guests! Having a variety of different flavors will leave options for everyone.There are too many delicious flavors to choose from! 

5. Don’t forget to Balance!


Budget, Quantity, and Style are the key factors in building your perfect cake. Don’t favor one over the other. Make sure your consultant is aware of everything you want in each of these categories. These are the what you need to keep in consideration to get to your DREAM CAKE! It’s also important to recognize that quality doesn’t ever have to be sacrificed to get that dream cake.



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